Be Sure to Select the Best Possible Attorney When Pursuing a Levaquin Lawsuit

As of early February 2016, courts were dealing with more than 300 Levaquin lawsuits that named the drug as the reason the plaintiff developed peripheral neuropathy. In nearly all the cases, major pharmaceutical companies, Cipro and Avelox were named as the defendants with the plaintiff claiming the company wasn’t clear about the potentially severe side effects caused by the drug. The defendants felt that had they been better informed, they wouldn’t have used Levaquin as an antibiotic.

Since the FDA first approved Levaquin to be prescribed to patients, it has been used to treat a wide range of bacterial infections, including staph infections, E. coli, pneumonia, and salmonella. It wasn’t until recently that many people, both in and out of the medical community, began to realize just how severe the potential side effects could be. There have been reports of the antibiotic causing retinal detachment, tendon ruptures, and peripheral neuropathy. The severity of the side effects prompted the FDA to take a sterner stance on the drug’s labeling, which resulted in today’s labels that clearly indicate that the use of Levaquin could possibly trigger the rapid onset of peripheral neuropathy.

According to District of Minnesota court papers, approximately 360 lawsuits have been filed by plaintiffs who firmly believe that they’ve suffered permanent nerve damage as a direct result of using Levaquin. They claim that had they been better informed about how much severe damage the drug could cause, they would have made a different treatment

If you feel that you’re currently dealing with health problems that stemmed from the use of Levaquin, you owe it to yourself to seek rx injury help and learn more about how the legal system can help you deal with the financial fallout of the side effects.

You should not try to pursue litigation without the help of an experienced attorney. During the initial consultation, the attorney will listen to your story and determine whether or not it’s in your best interest to pursue a Levaquin lawsuit. Your attorney will handle the enormous pile of paperwork connected to filing a Levaquin lawsuit and help you prepare for what will happen in the upcoming months.

You should use care when selecting an attorney to help with your Levaquin lawsuit. Don’t pick the first name you spy in the phone book. It’s in your best interest to do some research and make sure that the attorney has a great deal of experience handling prescription drug related cases and that they a winning record.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the initial consultation is as much for you to evaluate the attorney as it is for them to determine whether or not you have the grounds for a Levaquin lawsuit. Not only should you feel comfortable discussing the details of the case with the attorney, you should also get the impression that they’re genuinely concerned about you and your future and that they’ll give your lawsuit the time and care it deserves.

The best time to contact an attorney and arrange for a Levaquin lawsuit consultation is as soon as you suspect the drug is the cause of your current health problems.

Author: Carol Carter

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